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Atoi - Fake Diamond Records

Atoi is a 4 piece band from Copenhagen that you need to know about. Their music is stitched together by four individuals who join forces to create a diverse outcome. Dark pop melodies, added 80s synth melancholy, bass and guitar mixed with colourful electronic beats is their current forte.

Formed in 2005 Atoi were discovered by Bjork no less, who featured their own sublime cover of the seminal track ‘Army of Me’ on her Tsunami Benefit long player. A natural progression following this was an official release of their cover on a subsequent Bjork album “Army of Me – Remixes and Covers”; and in February 2009 after cutting their teeth across Denmark’s most revered venues and events (Vega, Roskilde et al) they toured parts of the US and Scandinavia. Following that, Swedish chanteuse Jenny Wilson asked the band to join her on tour in 2009.

Atoi went on to release their debut album “Youth Machines”. The album called up other stalwarts from the Copenhagen scene for remixes including such as Opiate (Thomas Knak), Kasper Bjørke (Filur) and MhM One (Tartelet Records.)

Putting in some serious gig and studio time soon they blossomed into a slick outfit with a following in their home country, national radio play and garnering press attention.

Creative’s to the core every detail is thought out by the band – with the stunning artwork previously made by artists MaMaMo and Laura Rathschau & Ditte Egholm.

In 2011 they followed up “Youth Machines” with the fantastic “Waves of Past Relations”

Atoi are:

Ida Caecilie is the lead singer, with ethereal presence she grew up on a little Island somewhere in the pacific and spent her days smelling of sweet flowers, making up songs with the local children and collecting sea shells. She is also a trained actress.

Emil Assing is the beatmaster, he plays various instruments.

Joel Gjærsbøl Pedersen plays every instrument under the sun. Literally. He experiments with free-form music, in his latest solo project “Human Autotune” he worked with vocals that are out of pitch and sung by a non singer with no tone recognition. Wow.

Stig Helmer Jensen plays guitar and keys. We like Stig. Very much.