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Broke - Fake Diamond Records

Simon Littauer and Mads Bergland lodged together and became a musical dorm against the norm, creating a heavily oded siren that makes sense to those who matter. A creative retaliation to the commercial machine, Broke are a ucrative investment on the ears. They have a sound that feels abducted, as if it was hand cuffed by an alluring eat to an aquatic unknown, airy and aggressive in equal measure, their landscape accommodates underwater volcanoes that erupt in mute. There's a new feel for sinister in the silent and selective, like air is slowly bleeding into a beat amidst a sun soaked apocalypse. Broke's music is a halfway house of genres, both nostalgic and progressive, that's impossible to box but kidnaps your pulse.

Broke are powerful as a stand alone band, and equally emphatic and impressionable as a flavour to film and fashion projects - a creative entity that dismiss boundaries in a beautifully eccentric shape.

Having previously toured intensively across Europe, including acclaimed shows at Roskilde and SPOT Festivals, Broke are as hallucinating to watch as listen, possessing all the senses and firmly connecting the dots between music and art. You’ll feel like a siren has been raised, stinging the crowd's heart with a want for more.

With new material on the way, and shows sculpted around Europe, China and Russia this Spring/Summer, being Broke has never been so musically rewarding and in demand.

Broke in China