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Complicated Universal Cum

Complicated Universal Cum - Fake Diamond Records

Complicated Universal Cum is the solo project of Frederik Valentin. Valentin is already involved in noumorous rockconstellations around Copenhagen, but none as uncompromising as Complicated Universal Cum.
The debut album record includes the obvious hit-ballade “I Can Hardly Wait”, while the rest of the record is fuzzed-out psychedelic spacerock combining elements of primitive electropunk, noiserock and punkrock attitude.

To follow up on his debut album, as Complicated Universal Cum, Valentin chose to release nothing less than two full-length albums. Each of which is pointing in it’s own direction. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that the mastermind behind both albums is the eccentric Valentin, balancing his fine line of noisy space-rock with subtle hints of distorted pop melodies, inducing excitement from the patient listeners.
Having released two different albums, simultaneously, Complicated Universal Cum was rewarded for his creative courage and thus provoking both excitement and despair amongst the somewhat confused reviewers. And that is exactly what this musical bastard is able to do with his uncompromising style – separating the wheat from the chaff, inducing reactions and opinions – creating a beautiful buzz.

Frederik Valentin
"As when I look at the sun knowing that within my reach of mind the exact same sun is the main reason I’m able to think at all.
As when I know for sure that nothing I will ever do, think or feel will signify anything to eternity.
As when I know that there are wrong days to say something right. As when I know that nothing is wrong or right.
As when I know that there is nothing between zero and one even though there is always something in between.
As when I know that all I know is that I don’t know.
This could be the truth! You may find it depressing? Or even beautiful? To me it's complicated universal cum."