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The rapper Danni Toma has in a soft, sexy R'n'B universe, intertwined with love for melodic 808 beats, made a record dedicated with utmost respect for the ladies. The full length album entitled "Kvinde" (woman in Danish) was released on November 4th 2013.

The starting point for the release of "Kvinde" has already sounded and resonated with the release of the track "Du minder mig om himlen" in September. On October 3rd sounds yet another salvo with the release of the official single "Ingenting". Both singles are released to pave the way for the album in the same way as Danni Toma already is touring with the tracks live – among others as support for Barbara Moleko in Store VEGA.

The cliche-filled rap lyrics from the world of hip hop with sexist slogans does not exist in Danni Tomas declaration of love for the opposite sex. Instead, it is with the emotions on the outside and honesty in the center that he over a longer period have written honest stories taken from his own life and from a failed relationship with the woman of his life for eight years.

"Kvinde" based on Danni Tomas own life, is a record with a text universe about relationships. About loving another human being, to fail another human being and the mistakes he made when he took his own woman for granted. With the album Danni Toma will not only run a personal therapy trip, he also shows the rest of his fellow males that it is okay to be vulnerable, that it is okay as a man to show feelings and fight for the woman you really care about. It does not harm to be romantic, and perhaps most importantly, that one woman is more than enough.

Alongside his regular producer Noodle, Danni Toma has at the same time created an original and experimental sound on "Kvinde", as they choose themselves to call strip club music. The goal from the beginning has been to make the mood pictures very sexy and festive without losing the detail of the productions and the depth of the lyrics.

In the equation of originality and richness of detail the bricks also fall better into place when it turns out that the inspirations for "Kvinde" was not found in Danish rap and hip hop pioneers. Rather they both listened to their big idols Tricky and The XX with their dreamy melancholy music, but also old sexy soul music as The Impressions and Marvin Gaye. On the text side, Danni Toma finds a community with Peter Sommer and his honest lyrics. He wears the same way as Danni Toma the emotions on the outside and with honesty points to your feelings.

Danni Toma exhibits in every detail of both music and lyrics women as beautiful individuals that he has the utmost respect for. The stories are as personal scars on the soul, where the single "Ingenting" for example is a sad realization that the relationship with the woman he loves most of all is hopeless, dead and lost.

Prior to the release of "Kvinde" Danni Toma has the past two years put his mark on the Danish music scene as one of the single most promising and innovative names. The release of the debut EP "Søndage og andet poetisk bullshit" in 2010 marked the beginning of two extremely busy year that has seen three EP releases and an enormous tour activity with Noodle around the country and also as a regular part of Dj Static's impressive DK tour and live shows at among others Smukfest and Wonderfestiwall.

Danni Toma is joining De Eneste To on their upcoming tour

27.01.2015Great news! Danni Toma is warming up for the danish duo - De Eneste To - on their upcoming tour. And although some venues are sold out - there are still some left.
We are absolutely certain the concerts will be awesome, and we hope to see you out there.

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