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Darkness falls - Fake Diamond Records

Darkness Falls are the enchanting Danish rock duo fresh from the ever-expanding Copenhagen music scene. Talented musicians Jospehine Philip and Ina Lindgreen – who met in their former all-girl ska band ‚Favelachic‘ – formed Darkness Falls to pursue their love of dramatic and atmospheric post-pop, combining distorted twang guitars, haunting synths, gritty drums and heartfelt vocals.

In March 2011 their first ever EP ‚Darkness Falls‘ was released through Fake Diamond Records and hfn music. After much acclaim, and a lot of attention for their exquisite live performances, the duo announced their debut album, due for release in late 2011, entitled ‚Alive In Us‘.

The duo are multitalented to say the least – Josephine is the lead vocalist but also plays keyboards, while Ina plays bass and guitar. They write their magical, mysterious songs together and have also been helped in the studio by Trentemøller with authentic synth textures, vintage reverbs and all manner of smokey, hi-fi lo-fi sounds. Josephine is also touring with Trentemøller as part of his live show, and released the beautiful ‚… Even Though You‘re With Another Girl‘ together with the visionary producer.

Their accomplished album, ‚Alive In Us‘ is a perfect modern fusion of melancholic melodies, 60s guitar magic, haunting atmospheres and spaced-out pop, whisking us away to a not-so-distant land of bitter-sweet harmony and musical contemplation.

Produced by celebrated artist and producer Anders Trentemøller, the album reaches new heights in sound and stands out light a bright shining beacon in these hazy uncertain times.

Pop allure morphs casually into noise only to revery back into harmony. Striking vocals and enticing lyrics are complemented by a drone-like base; romance crashes into reality and hope and regret are equal on the scale. The tempo shifts, as the versatile duo sail from sorrow, to harmony to action and adventure – the girls are at the wheel and there is destination is somewhere far off in the mist.

Follow-up album Dance and Cry, released on March 30 2015 via Fake Diamond Records and hfn music, should address the haters. Darkness Fall’s core elements remain: electro-tinged instrumental pop entwined with melancholic atmospherics that nod to the Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine, but on Dance and Cry, Josephine Philip and Ina Lindgreen look beyond their influences and prove there’s much more to them than heartbreaking pop. This is an album of intelligence, haunting textures and hypnotic synth loops underpinning a hypnagogic state.
With Adrian Aurelius (The Raveonettes) and Lasse Martinussen (Rosemary) at the production helm, the album allows for space as the band surge between yearning lyricism and overpowering touchstones of slow burning experimentation. Despite their undeniable 80s influence, the duo have range – their moods stretching from elegiac and immersive on Golden Bells to swirling textures that coalesce with more urgency on single ‘The Answer.’ The result is an evocative and forceful album that has been crafted with fastidious care and emotion. While treading a similar path to Alive in Us, Dance and Cry is a hymn to broken romance and loss, crafted with loving restraint. Beautifully seductive with enough experimental edge to keep their pop sensibilities on the frostier side of cool.

The sound of Darkness Falls is not easily pinned down, traditional rock influences merge with contemporary arrangements, creating a dynamic and varied sound- scape. You can revisit Darkness Falls many times and return with different impressions each time. Darkness Falls and you turn to your imagination!

Darkness Falls are going on tour; starting in Jutland this Friday.


Darkness Falls November-tour

08.10.2015Get your tickets here.

See you @ Jelling Festival?

21.05.2015This festival weekend is about to kick in. Darkness Falls will head to Jelling Musikfestival this upcoming weekend. We're hoping for great weather and lots of fun.
See you there!

The new Darkness Falls album is out in Denmark. Welcome "Dance and Cry"!

16.03.2015We've been looking forward to release the new Darkness Falls album "Dance and Cry".
It's been such an exciting journey for the Danish duo - and we're equally as excited as they are, to watch the growth of their second album.
The album is a reflection of the contradictions in life; one can not go without the other.
Get the album digitally here or purchase the album as vinyl in our shop.

Darkness Falls x #FakeDiamondInterview

02.02.2015FDR: So girls, congratulations on your newest single “Dance and Cry”. Can you tell us a little bit about the track, and the title?
DF: Dance And Cry is the title song from our new album. The lyrics and the title pretty much sum up the theme we have been circling around on the new album. It’s about the duality of life. Life is not black nor white, we all dance and cry, share good times and bad times, which is also the beauty of life. We have tried to express that contrast in both the lyrics and the music.

FDR: You’re going on a somewhat extensive tour, from Kolding to Paris. What do you prepare for, when going on such a rather large tour?
DF: We spend a lot of time in the studio before going on tour preparing all our song for playing live. We like to give the audience an experience which is not necessarily the same as when you listen to our album - a musical journey through the atmosphere of Darkness Falls.

FDR: What’s the essential necessities when going on tour? What don’t you leave without?
DF: A cap for a bad hair day, sun glasses for a sunny day, a warm sweater and our computers.

FDR: 2015 is such an exciting year for you. Two new singles and an upcoming album in march 2015. What are you most excited about?
DF: We are really exited about releasing the new album, we have spend one and a half year making it, so it’s gonna feel great to finally share it with everybody else. But what we look mostly forward to is playing live and going on tour in Denmark and Europe. We also hope that we will be able to go to the States that would be a dream come true.

FDR: Besides your own release, can you pinpoint one FDR-artist release that you’re excited about?
DF: There are a few. We are really looking forward to listening to Mont Olivers’ album, and we are very excited about Vinnie Who’s new album, as the style has changed a lot. What we have heard so far sounds great.

Darkness Falls full tour


Darkness Falls announces tour and new album

30.12.20142015 has a lot in store for the duo - Darkness Falls. A new album - to be released in March 2015 and a following tour was announced before christmas.
It's most certainly exciting times for the two girls.

(Press-release in Danish)

D. 16. marts 2015 udkommer Darkness Falls nye album Dance And Cry. Albummet er en musikalsk og lyrisk tur igennem natten og livet med Josephine Philip og Ina Lindgren ved rattet. Singleforløberne ”Hazy” og ”The Answer” vidner om et band med store musikalske og visuelle ambitioner.

”Efter et års live pause i 2013, hvor vi har lavet album, ser vi virkelig frem til at komme ud og spille igen. Vi har spillet nogle udvalgte koncerter i løbet af 2014, og det har været så fedt, så vi glæder os helt vildt til at spille mange flere og præsentere vores nye materiale til foråret.” – Josephine og Ina

Live akkompagneres Ina og Josephine af Tune Madsen på trommer.
Tidligt i det nye år og i foråret kan du opleve Darkness Falls på en række danske og udenlandske scener. I Danmark kan du opleve Darkness Falls her:

D. 30. januar 2015: Northen Winter Beat (Aalborg)
D. 13./14. marts 2015: Sonar Copenhagen (København)
D. 1. april 2015: Forbrændingen (Albertslund)
D. 2. april 2015: Von Hatten (Randers)
D. 8. april 2015: HQ (Aarhus)
D. 9. april 2015: Pitstop (Kolding)
D. 10. april 2015: Ideal Bar (København)
D. 11. april 2015: Kansas City (Odense)

Darkness Falls releases new single


We did this TV Commercial for B&O PLAY feat. a snip from the coming Darkness Falls single