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Eaggerstunn - Fake Diamond Records

Deriving from each of their well esteemed Danish soundsystems, Eaggerman (Bikstok Røgsystem, Rubadub Sundays, Skyjuice) and Stunn Gunn (Booty Cologne, Bikstok Røgsystem(live), Malk De Koijn(live)) battled each other for years in the shady sub-cultural hotspots of the urban music scene in Copenhagen. Now the battle between beats and rhymes is over, as the two musicians have teamed up as the dynamic duo, EaggerStunn. A truly explosive collaboration which has no intention of compromising as they seek to explore and exhibit the deepest roots of the reggae genre, in a highly up-to-date fashion - musically as well as lyrically.

The foundation of the duo was established when Kristoffer Sjelberg aka Stunn Gunn in 2005 was hired as live-drummer for the Danish dancehall pioneers, Bikstok Røgsystem. In which Dwayne McFarlane aka Eaggerman excelled as vocalist and lyricist alongside Pharfar and Blæs Bukki, both of which has gained near-legendary status from their contributions to the Danish hiphop and dancehall scene. Nevertheless, a friendship quickly emerged between Eagger and Stunn. Through their mutual love for reggae music the idea of a professional collaboration took form.

Stunn Gunn producing and Eaggerman on the microphone, the two set off to redeem their shared vision: creating their unique version of contemporary Danish reggae and dancehall, with a lyrical angle that is not afraid to take on a critical view on political happenings. In doing so, they have placed themselves as a much more grave and provocative alternative to the other fairly more light hearted acts on the Danish reggae scene. Since the release of their acclaimed debut album ‘Armagedion’ – an album that features some of the most prominent artists of urban music scene (Blæs Bukki, Pharfar, Shaka Loveless and Geolo G) – EaggerStunn has proved to be worthy of numerous praising reviews. Soundvenue (a Danish well acclaimed music magazine), who rewarded EaggerStunn with 6/6 stars for their live performance.

We, at Fake Diamond Records, are proud to represent this truly original act. They continue to prove their indisputable role as one of the most important acts on the Danish reggae and dancehall scene - let alone the Danish music scene in general.

Lige Her - now with lyrics

18.06.2015Watch the lyrics-video to "Lige Her" right here!

New single from Eaggerstunn

15.06.2015Finally; Eaggerstunn has delivered some gold for your ears; the new single: Lige Her, is ready for your speakers and your summer groove.
It's the first single from the coming album, that's expected to hit the stores in 2016.