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Most bands don’t play their first live show ever in a sold-out venue supporting a main act by the name of Glasvegas. But Giana Factory did. The trio consists of Loui Foo (vocals, drum pads), Sofie Johanne (bass, synth) and Lisbet Fritze (guitar), and since the release of the debut EP, Bloody Game in 2009, they've been picked up on the international blogosphere, as well as Pitchfork and Nylon Magazine, who fell for their unique noir-pop. The single 'Rainbow Girl' has been in A-rotation on national radio, and both Danish newspaper Politiken and the esteemed music magazine Soundvenue have featured covers of the trio.
With the band’s distinct sense of creating tense, yet subtle pop gems, 'Bloody Game' became the promising head start for Giana Factory. This is where it starts for most bands. But then again, it was different for these ladies.

In 2008, Lisbet and Loui were touring Europe with fellow Danes, The Raveonettes, while Loui's big sister, Sharin Foo was on maternity leave. In London they accidentally bumped into James Allan of Glasvegas, who asked them if they had their own band, and if they were perhaps interested in supporting the Scots on their first show in Copenhagen. Finding it hard to refuse an offer like this, Giana Factory faced the crowd for the first time as a group two weeks later. They hadn’t even released any music yet, but followed Glasvegas in Scandinavia and Germany. Subsequently, they have also supported bands such as Autolux, The Raveonettes and The Asteroid’s Galaxy Tour.

In the 2011 Giana Factory finally release their first full-length album, 'Save The Youth', in Denmark. The album is very well-received, and their talents for combining gloomy synths and crisp drum pads with atmospheric guitars and sparklingly fresh melodies mark that Giana Factory have found a sound that is entirely theirs - that here were three women, who do their own, unique thing. Adding on to this is a monthly 7’’ vinyl series containing a track from the album plus a remake made by musical friends from the road; Anders Trentemøller (DK), Glasvegas (UK), Autolux (US) and VETO (DK). Each artist/band interpretates their favorite song from the debut album 'Save the Youth'.
And Finally this Year : Giana Factory set out to conquer the rest of the world with their glam & noir-pop universe by touring - including the legendary Trans Musicales festival in Dec 2011 - and releasing their debut album 'Save The Youth' worldwide in March 2012 in a limited Bonus CD Edition incl. “Save the Youth”, The First EP “Bloody Game”, All the 7” Remixes and unreleased Studio Outtakes… Fantastic !

"GIANA FACTORY are three Danish women with the presence and avant garde personal style of seasoned runway models (…) electronic darkness, atmospheric guitar, and beat-laden vocal melodies" Skull Candy (US)
"Formed in 2008, Giana Factory have quickly risen up the ranks of the Danish music scene...consider this an early tip for a band you need to catch at SxSW" CMU (UK)
“This Danish troupe specializes in frozen cold, electronic minimalism, heightening drama through an eerie starkness” Pitchfork (US)
"Giana Factory is one of those lush, nuanced electropop bands" MTV Iggy (US)
"Mesmerising, and bound to end up up on England's shores sooner rather than later” DiS (UK)
“Giana Factory – Our new favorite band” Peace&Love Festival (SE)

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Giana Factory - Release the 23rd of June at Dome of Visions


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Giana Factory

26.05.2014Listen/buy here:


Giana Factory


Giana Factory is this week's P3 - DRs

22.04.2014Giana Factory´s "I Live At Night" is this week's P3 - DRs "Ugens Uundgåelige"!! Congrats, girls!
Make sure to stay tuned for the new video dropping very soon...

Giana Factory album cover by Andrea Galvani

11.04.2014Giana Factorys new beautiful Lemon Moon album cover, created by the talented Andrea Galvani, shot on the road in the Libyan desert. "Reflection of light, darkness and celestial bodies are the opposite visual elements that Galvani orchestrated to extend our feeling of space and time. The presence of both night and day reflects the duality of darkness and light and the mystery strongly present throughout the album..."

Remember you can buy the Lemon Moon single on iTunes!