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My bubba - Fake Diamond Records

.. My bubba often end up somewhere in between Cocorosie and Hank Williams ” - Politiken

My bubba; Swedish My and Icelandic Bubba, met by chance six years ago in Copenhagen, joined vocals and suitcases and have been traveling together since - singing their contemporary folk songs all around Europe and the US, most recently at Iceland Airwaves, Roskilde Festival and supporting Damien Rice, Matthew E. White and Nina Persson.

The songs are sparse, allowing their delicate voices and entrancing harmonies to take center stage, sharing curious stories of their adventurous spirit in alluringly sultry sounds. Simple and direct, but rich in layers, their general folksiness belies a modern savvy that gives it all a refreshing edge.

My bubba’s second full length album Goes Abroader came out in April 2014, and was recorded in California and produced by Noah Georgeson (Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom). The songs were written during Scandinavian winter months and dream of warm, exotic places. Each one works as a souvenir or postcard from an imaginary jungle, desert or galaxy, making the record something of a trip around the world, with My bubba.

Merry christmas from My bubba

18.12.2015My bubba has had a fantastic 2015! They've gone touring in the US, Iceland, Europe and many other exotic places.
Therefore - they've created a playlist of some of their favorite holiday-music. Get jolly with it here.
Happy christmas!

My bubba tour in the US


My Bubba x DR Christmasshow

30.12.2014Right before christmas, My Bubba had the honor of playing the great Scandinavian "DR's Store Juleshow", which was broadcasted in Norway, Sweden and Iceland.
They played alongside DR's Entertainment Orchestra, who also played their last concert ever.
It was truly a magical night!

My Bubba x #FakeDiamondInterview

01.12.2014So, My and Bubba, you’ve toured around Europe and landed a gig in New York; can you elaborate on that whole experience?

First of all: Sushi in the bathtub at Bowery Hotel. A lot of luxury hotels, private yoga instructor, towels. Big bathtubs. 89 flights in two months. Birdland dinner with Bubba’s father. Hung out backstage with Letterman. Bad donuts.
Many funny cab drivers; No 1 - Told us there are 144 languages spoken in his neighborhood in Den Haag.
No 2 - Told us his body is an instrument. Etc etc.
14 Train rides. Stranded in Brussels. Late night walk in Brussels. Champagne buffet in Berlin. Bad pizza in Brooklyn! Dancing long night in Amsterdam, old school hip hop, managed to avoid the white heroin going around. A sweet young man paid our bus fare when we didn’t have cash. Breakfast with Nigerian penpal on Lower East Side. Singing in the car with the twins. Northern lights. The Apollo.

You’ve also the toured with Damien Rice, how was that? And what’s Damien Rice like?-

He auditioned for our massage club. He was not too bad.

On your Facebook, you made a post stating the following “In the Netherlands they have pear juice with cinnamon. Aaoooo” - Can you explain that one?

We take great pleasure in tasting local delicacies when traveling, this was one of them. Goes great with Speculaas (Dutch cinnamon/marcipan cookie). We can also recommend Oldtimers Drop, and Appleball (Utrecht). We’re also into Cuban Food.

It’s probably relatively unknown that you two have other professions; My operates trains in Sweden and Bubba is a graphic designer. How often do you get the chance to focus on those professions?

Not often enough according to our employers.

And last and least, what are you girls doing for christmas?

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree!

My bubba's musical longing for warm and exotic places is now out