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Nekklace - Fake Diamond Records

Nekklace is the offspring born of the fertile collaboration between two singer/songwriter/producers separated by the sea but connected in an almost telepathic way. Alex Cowan aka TM Juke is the Brighton based wunderkind behind such acts as Alice Russell and Me & You. Naim is the Copenhagen based wonky pop specialist whose self-produced debut album Balloon Pop was a genre defying multicoloured splash of joy in the eye of the music business monster.

They first met whilst studying music at university in Brighton; they first collaborated when Naim added his distinctive high notes to Skin, the lead single taken from TM Jukes second album Forward. They've never looked back...

Nekklace finds these two self confessed studio nerds running riot with their love of old equipment and an eclectic set of influences that take in Timbaland and Supertramp with a dash of Cream and a strong helping of Can. Cutting edge pop and R&B meet vintage drum machines and 1970's analogue mixing desks in the world of Nekklace. This combination of technology old and new even extends to the recording process. Emails and MP3s are used to exchange ideas until Naim hops over to TM Jukes UK studio where the real magic happens during epic sessions fuelled by copious amounts of tea and nicotine. The session only stops when they are both dancing around like maniacs to that newly crafted Nekklace magic.

After many of these sessions, countless cups of tea, almost lethal amounts of nicotine, numerous careful caresses of vintage machinery and a quite staggering amount of fun Nekklace are ready to unleash their debut single New York/Smiling Eyes.

If that isn't enough to tempt you here are 5 facts about Nekklace that may well blow your mind:

1. Half of Naim's beard came off doing the face casts for the press image. Alex suffered minor injuries to his moustache.

2. 'New York' was used in season 7 episode 15 of CSI New York.

3. The initial sketch idea for New York came while Naim was napping on the studio couch.

4. Alex is a fucking genius producer.

5. Naim can hit ridiculously high notes.

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