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New New York York - Fake Diamond Records

Even though they’ve only released one single as New New York York, the three musicians behind the constallation are certainly not unknown to the Danish music scene – or abroad for that matter. The band thus constitute a trio of members: Peder, Asger Baden and Rasmus Olsen.

Besides being involved in this current constellation, Peder is also about to put down the final mix for his forthcoming solo album to follow up his last full length, “Dirt & Gold”, also released on Fake Diamond. In addition, Peder regularly teams up with Asger Baden to do movie scores both in Denmark and abroad, and last but not least they were the produced all the music behind nationally acclaimed vocalist et cetera Mikael Simpson on his last album. As for the vocals in NNYY we have singer/composer, Rasmus Olsen, who was nominated for the prestigious Danish award Robert for the title track from the Danish movie, “The Truth About Men”; for which Asger Baden did the whole score.

The music coming out of NNYY arises when the three members periodically hook up in “neutral surroundings”. Whether it is in Berlin or a cabin in Sweden - the focus of these sessions is to share sketches and musical ideas, and visions in general. Thus, the foundation for NNYY has been to create a free space, where the analogue synthesizers can be dragged out and turned on, and simply let the best ideas rule.

“Same Shit (On The Radio)” is a grand example of the impulsive mood that sets the stages

of the musical project of NNYY - and they serve to us this alternative pop track with it’s challenging title; a tune that is definitely catchy and leaves a clear impression of the musical freedom and force of creation that surrounds NEW NEW YORK YORK.

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