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Weaving sophisticated orchestral scores with spacious electronic production, OOFJ's baroque modern pop perches on the edge of contemporary music, overlooking both the familiar past and the anything-goes future. After bonding over their mutual love for French synthesizer music, all things Russian, and Serge Gainsbourg, the duo formed OOFJ, whose distinctive chilled-out sounds find their way deep into your ear like an electronic wind gyrating with eerie symphonies plus the delicate sound of expensive-lingerie vocals, that could make you cry in a good-looking way.

Recorded with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, OOFJ's ambitious debut Disco To Die To is ten darkly-tinted, downtempo movements of pop noir that simultaneously manage to reference disparate,touchstones and inspirations; Nico's hypnotic gloomy 60s folk, techno's minimalism and subtleties, Twin Peaks, the majestic symphonies of 20th century composers, and rhythms and structures equally indebted to jazz and trip-hop. Often all in the same song.

OOFJ consists of Jenno Bjørnkjær and Katherine Mills Rymer, who met in New York while Jenno was playing in the band Hessismore and working on film music for Lars Von Trier's Melancholia, however OOFJ and Disco To Die To came about by accident at first. Originally OOFJ (Orchestra of Jenno) began as an instrumental solo project but everything fell into place with the addition of Katherine, transforming it into something larger in scope. After the passing of Katherine's father, they were in South Africa for the wake and upstairs in her brother's room they recorded the very first track. Two months later while on a winter road trip through Europe, they recorded in the Swiss Alps, Germany and Copenhagen. Katherine went back to a South Africa and recorded the vocals in her bed while her mothers parrot made loud noises. Meanwhile, Jenno recorded the scores with the Prague Symphony Orchestra and made the underwater sounds of the beat landscape while touring with The Danish Royal Theatre. They finished the album in Los Angeles (where they now reside) while drinking lots of diet soda and breaking for walks in the Canyons. They kept some of the sounds of the parrot.

Once they were finished, the couple made designs on starting a new label/outlet for their creative endeavors. Forming Clapyouclapme, they set out to build a unique, conceptual label that releases music and collaborates with visual artists around the world with their goal to establish not only a sonic platform for the recording artists, but also a platform for aesthetic responses to the music from artists in all areas of the visual arts. The release of Disco To Die To marks the beginning of Clapyouclapme, with a piece of visual art being commissioned for each song on the album. The unveiling is about to commence...

OOFJ premiers new video "Don't Look"

26.01.2016Watch the stunning music video here

OOFJ X Soulland Sound this wednesday

03.08.2015OOFJ are back in Copenhagen; playing exclusively at the Soulland Store this Wednesday - August 5'th 2015 - at the Soulland store at Gammel Kongevej in Copenhagen.
See you between 17.00-20.00 - free beers from Heineken and good vibes.

OOFJ x #FakeDiamondInterview

21.04.2015FDR: OOFJ, can you in one sentence each tell us, who are you?

J - My name is Jens Bjørnkjær but most people call me Jenno. We are a duo making electronic music mixed with a lot of strings and all sorts of darkness put into it. We are also married.
K - I’m Katherine Mills Rymer everyone calls me Katherine. I have no nicknames besides from very private ones.

FDR: So Katherine and Jenno, you’re located in the City of Angels. What’s that like?

It is pretty great actually. We live in a house on a hill in the neighborhood of Highland Park which is on the east side of the city. It’s a beautiful place and the weather here is very nice almost everyday all year around. Especially compared to Denmark. The sun is shining all the time but we actually prefer to stay indoor and make music in our studio with the curtains drawn . Also because In LA there is a lot of traffic so we might as well stay in our house.

FDR: The Danish audience hasn’t really gotten to know you yet, although Jenno is very Danish. Jenno, what do you most like and miss when thinking about Denmark? And Katherine, what do you miss about South Africa?

J - I miss my friends and my family the most and also the drunken nights in the Copenhagen nightlife.
Going somewhere and bike somewhere else and ending up in someones apartment until the sun gets up. That's very Danish to me. Also just walking on the streets people don’t really do that here.
K - I miss my mom and brother. LA looks like South Africa in places so in someways it's good for something in me to live here. I miss the smell of South Africa.

FDR: Can you tell us a secret about "Acute Feast", that no one knows yet?

The cover of the album is made by our friend Hannes Bernard inspired by the lighting artist James Turrel. We played a show in a house in LA called the Lauther house famous from. amongst others. The Big Lebowsky.(Where Jackie Treehorn lives) This house has an extra building made by James Turrell that is insanely beautifull and we fell in love and got into his work being there. There is a hologram on the back of the album which we had made in China.

OOFJ drops second album "Acute Feast"

21.04.2015Finally, the anticipated second album from our transatlantic duo, OOFJ, is here. "Acute Feast" has been receiving a great deal of attention from international media such as The Guardian, The New York Times, I:D, Spin Magazine, Noisey and so forth.
We're excited about the album in its full length - and even more stoked that it's here!
Get the album on iTunes here and stream on Spotify here

Premiere on "I Forgive You" at The Guardian

10.02.2015The stunningly beautiful - and homemade video to OOFJ's current single "I Forgive You" premiered on The Guardian.
A lot of buzz is happening around OOFJ lately; they've been signed with american label, Ring The Alarm, and their EP, "Acute Feast" is set to be released on April 21'st, and the praises can be heard 'round the globe.
We're proud to have them in the FDR-family.
Scoot over to The Guardian here.

OOFJ featured in The Guardian

25.11.2014OOFJ is featured in The Guardian as band of the week. A thorough analysis on the background of the two artists and a little listening-session is amongst other things what can entertain you.
Read it here

Summerhit 'Shakehips'