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Ormen - Fake Diamond Records

Anders "Ormen" Christophersen ("The Worm") is a renowned Copenhagen based producer and musician - and a founding member of the Fake Diamond Family.
Coming from a small town on the island of Fyn, Ormen quickly discovered his love for vintage synths, organs and musical instruments - something that has influenced his production style to this day.
Dusty, garage sounding analogue equipment is transformed into dark, beautiful hyhmns and rhythms in his basement studio under the Fake Diamond office space, where he now resides, creating his trademark soundscapes.
After releasing an album with Rasmus Møbius under the Melk outfit (2006, Statler & Waldorf) Ormen is now operating in several different projects.

Ormen & Alberte
Here Anders teams up with one of Denmarks most familiar voices from the past two decades, Alberte, especially known for her appearences in beloved, danish television childrens shows and also putting out her solo records under her own name.
However, when Ormen and Alberte join forces, its with a much darker approach to music, life and love - covering everything from the fear of losing your kids to drugabuse and having sex on a sandy beach. This is Alberte - the PG version.
A series of 7" singles are in the process of being released - to be followed by a full studioalbum sometime in the near future.

Ormens Skitsebog
Simon LeBon (From danish hip hop dj team Den Sorte Skole) has copy/cut/pasted his way through Ormens stock of beats and bits - and this is what came out of it. Only released on limited edition vinyl.

As the main producer in this succesful trio, Ormen has established himself as a strong force in the new breed on the danish music scene.
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Besides that, Ormen is a growing dj on the copenhagen bar and nighlife scene, playing everything from country to reggae.

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