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Mont Oliver x #FakeDiamondInterview

31.12.2014FDR: So boys, itís been a wild year, whatís been the highlights so far?

MO: How amazing it is to be able to look back at so many great things that have happened in just one year: Playing in front of five thousand people at Roskilde Festival 2014 or going on tour for a month or being in the studio, writing a new album etc. We can't decide!

FDR: All the concerts, the wild crowd and all the touring, how has that affected your relationship - group wise?

MO: Itís a strange thing, a band. After this year, with all the touring and such, weíve come to realize that our relationship is more like the one of brothers than friends. We donít necessarily talk much and deeply often, but I guess we have a deeper understanding of each others moods and well being, especially due to the fact that we are constantly together.

FDR: Weíre in the process of producing your music video to ďAll YoursĒ - what are you most excited about?

MO: Itís hard to imagine how a song should be presented visually, so we are very excited about seeing this visual interpretation of the song. Weíve been teased with some stills from the shooting and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

FDR: What do you have planned for New Years?

MO: We all plan for a nice cozy evening with friends and loved ones.

FDR:Whatís in store for 2015?

MO: 2014 was dedicated to Denmark but 2015 is devoted to the rest of world, which we are planning on conquering, bit by bit.

Listen to "All Yours" here
All Yours