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#FakeDiamondInterview x Young Dinosaur

17.08.2015FDR: So boys, itís been a busy summer! Can you elaborate on the Roskilde Festival experience:

YD: Besides playing a great gig, it was very nice getting back together in the rehearsal room and make new tunes together. Afterwards it was nice hanging on the festival together.

FDR: And also - you performed at Pumpehusets Byhave as well as a smaller gig at the Danish menswear store - Soulland. How was that?:

YD: Both went over well. It was cool to get some clothes from Soulland. As our soundtechnician remarked: ďItís the first time iíve ever seen you guys in new clothes.Ē

FDR: And besides touring, what else have you guys been up to?

YD: Mostly hanging out, enjoying the summer and making new music. Besides that, we have been working on a studio/new rehearsal space, that will be finished in the next couple of months.

FDR: So what do you have in store for the rest of 2015? Any new music coming out?

YD: Right now the only thing on our schedule is to make new sounds and songs, finish our studio and record some more. Exactly when the songs will be available, we donít know yet.

FDR: Whatís the greatest thing about being a young musician?

YD: We donít what the greatest thing is, but it sure is a great combo.

FDR: Besides your own music, what other Fake Diamond artist(s) do you listen to?

YD: Vinnie Who

FDR: Can you tell us one fact, that no one probably knows about you guys?

YD: Eske and Joachim first played together in a hard rock band called the Dragon boyz. The problem was the band was so bad, that we got banned from the gymnasiumís Friday bar.

FDR: Thank you, dudes. <3

YD: Thank you too! And thanks to everyone reading this!