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Oh Land - Fauna - Fake Diamond Records
Audio CD by Oh Land

Modern electronic production with references to classical music and use of strings and piano. Vocal harmonies,. a fragile, authentic and original voice, playful multi layered sound universe.

01. Numb
02. Still Here!
03. Frostbite
04. Heavy Eyes
05. Postpone The Bad
06. Koo Koo
07. Audition Day
08. I Found You
09. Release Me
10. Namazu
11. Alive / Awake
12. Deep-Sea


Oh Land - Oh Land - Fake Diamond Records
Oh Land
Audio CD by Oh Land

Album of both ballads and electro-pop songs, with catchy beats, airy vocal of emotional lyrics, multi layered cinematic arrangements, big chorus, mournful strings.

01. Perfection
02. Break The Chain
03. Sun of a Gun
04. Voodoo
05. Lean
06. Wolf & I
07. Human
08. White Nights
09. Helicopter
10. We Turn It Up
11. Rainbow


Oh Land - Sun Of A Gun - Fake Diamond Records
Sun Of A Gun
Digital by Oh Land

01. Sun Of A Gun


Oh Land - Heavy Eyes EP - Fake Diamond Records
Heavy Eyes EP
Digital by Oh Land

01. Heavy Eyes (Radio Edit)
02. Heavy Eyes (Trentemøller remix)
03. Heavy Eyes (Kasper Bjørke remix)
04. Heavy Eyes (James Braun remix)
05. Heavy Eyes (Opiate Remix)
05. Heavy Eyes (Acoustic live version)


Oh Land - Audition Day - Fake Diamond Records
Audition Day
Digital by Oh Land

01. Audition Day