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Peder - Dirt & Gold - Fake Diamond Records
Dirt & Gold
Audio CD by Peder

Surf guitar, hip-hop, french sounding film music, organ, ghost pop, 80s synth

01. Meat Is Murder. Tasty Tasty Murder
02. Love Lost City (feat. Oh Land)
03. The King of Overspringshandlinger
04. Daylight (feat. Signe Marie Schmidt-Jacobsen)
05. Reverse Your Diamonds (feat. Jacob Bellens)
06. Light Years
07. Shorty
08. Dirt & Gold (feat. Claus Hempler & Signe Marie Schmidt-Jacobsen)
09. Monoglukose
10. Heroin (feat. R. Olsen)
11. Malcolm
12. Hello Mr. Movie Director my name is Peder and this is my friend Asger Baden
13. Goodbye (feat. Claus Hempler)


Peder - Light Years - Fake Diamond Records
Light Years
Digital by Peder

01. Light Years