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Kim LAS - Shackles of Amusement - Three Times Rediscovered - Fake Diamond Records

Shackles of Amusement - Three Times Rediscovered
Audio CD by Kim LAS

Electronica with an avant-garde pop feel blending crooner ballads, rummaging guitars and synths, postpunk hooks with new romance-singing.

Shackles of Amusement
01. Promise
02. Shackles
03. Johnny
04. Cold
05. Proof
06. Frenzy
07. Boxen
08. Casual
09. Summer
10. Kranen

Three Times Rediscovered
01. Promise (by Heimat Collective)
02. Shackles (by Choir Of Young Believers)
03. Johnny (by Money Your Love)
04. Proof (by Beta Satan)
05. Boxen (by Lamburg Tony)
06. Summer (by I Got You On Tape)
07. Kranen (by Chimes and Bells)